The Art

The Youngstown neighborhood is an arts-minded community, with the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center at its core. This sense of artistry is reflected within and around Youngstown Flats, with fourteen local artists contributing work through a curated program.

"Continuity II"

Corten steel sculpture by Jan Hoy
This modern sculpture will be a feature of the courtyard at the center of Youngstown Flats. The use of corten honors the history of Youngstown as a steel community.

Youngstown Flats West Seattle WA The Art - West Seattle Corten steel sculpture West Seattle Corten steel sculpture - West Seattle, WA

"Oval / Burst"

Reclaimed materials sculpture by Carla Grahn
Evoking the natural environment through reclaimed industrial materials, artist Carla Grahn's sculpture greets residents and visitors in the lobby. Her furniture and site specific commissions are found in restaurants and homes throughout Seattle.

Reclaimed materials sculpture West Seattle Reclaimed materials sculpture - Youngstown Flats Reclaimed materials sculpture west seattle  Carla Grahns sculpture - west seattle

"Vintage wood wall"

Wood assembly by Michael Harrison
Artist Michael Harrison will span an entire lobby wall with vintage/reclaimed wood, moulding and mill work.

Vintage wood wall - west seattle Vintage wood wall West Seattle, Ok West Seattle Vintage wood wall Vintage wood wall Seattle WA


Encaustic painting by Patti Bowman
Encaustic painting involves the mixing of pigment and hot wax. This painting is inspired by the permaculture idea of succession and the history of Youngstown from a forested area to farmland to a built environment, now with gardens again gracing a new building - Youngstown Flats.

Encaustic painting - West Seattle WA Encaustic painting - West Seattle Encaustic painting by Patti Bowman Encaustic painting by Patti Bowman - West Seattle WA

"Youngstown chalk mural"

Custom chalk mural by Josh Brown
Chalk artist Josh Brown and his team at Artistic Media group will create a mural in the lobby that celebrates the Youngstown Neighborhood.

Youngstown chalk mural seattle wa Youngstown chalk mural West Seattle WA

"Metal Sculpture"

Interactive wall by Ellen Berdinner
2012 Washington state artist-in-residence Ellen Berdinner will create an interactive metal sculpture. Berdinner loves to create dynamic, interactive pieces that allow the medium-usually metal-to transcend its static state.

Metal Sculpture - West Seattle WA Metal Sculpture - West Seattle WA West Seattle WA Metal Sculpture Metal Sculpture West Seattle WA

"Longfellow Creek"

Paintings by Sara Everett
"Longfellow Creek" is a series of paintings in the mailroom at Youngstown Flats, reflecting the variety of vegetation along Longfellow Creek. Sara Everett, a mixed media artist, uses re-purposed wood that becomes an essential part of her paintings.

Longfellow Creek Longfellow Creek West Seattle WA West Seattle Longfellow Creek Longfellow Creek Seattle WA


Photography installation by Ken Turner
"Watershed" is a series of overlapping images printed on paper of various widths. Spanning the length of the first floor at Youngstown Flats, the installation has a sense of motion inspired by water.

Watershed Seattle WA Watershed West Seattle Watershed West Seattle WA


Digital installation by Stephen Rock
Artist Stephen Rock's installation acknowledges the volumes of information available online and the fragments that are actually consumed. His digital work, on the second floor, compiles remnants from our virtual experience and abstracts them into visual symphonies of shape and form.

Remnants Seattle WA Remnants West Seattle WA West Seattle Remnants Interactive wall by Ellen Berdinner


Photography installation by Chaim Bezalel
On the third floor, Chaim Bezalel's photography installation combines sequential series of photographs in horizontal scrolls to capture the viewer's interest along the length of the corridor.

Storyboards Seattle WA Storyboards West Seattle WA West Seattle Storyboards Photography installation by Chaim Bezalel West Seattle WA

"With Meaning"

Graffiti / mixed media mural by Pubs
Pubs' mural on the fourth floor asks viewers to imagine that anything can be a canvas. The spray paint, stencil and wheatpaste mural is a visual celebration of the environment surrounding Youngstown Flats.

Graffiti / mixed media Graffiti West Seattle WA Mixed Media West Seattle WA Graffiti West Seattle WA


Photography installation by Sofya Belinskaya & Antonio Fernandez
Filmmaker Antonio Fernandez and painter Sofya Belinskaya collaborate on the installation of strips of exposed 35mm film. This wall installation is experimental and playfully pushes the medium of film.

Filmstrip West Seattle WA Filmstrip West Seattle WA West seattle Filmstrip Filmmaker Antonio Fernandez West Seattle WA

"Yellow Brick Road"

Metal sculpture installation by Carla Grahn
This integrated wall sculpture on the sixth floor is created from "bricks" hand formed from steel for an organic aesthetic. The piece celebrates the idea that "anything can happen" and the positive associations of the yellow brick road.

Yellow Brick Road Yellow Brick Road Seattle WA Yellow Brick Road West Seattle WA

"Almost Home"

Painting by Kate Protage
Kate Protage's urban landscapes celebrate the dark beauty of cities at night. Her work in the sky lounge helps us remember to take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is around us.

Almost Home West Seattle WA Almost Home Landscape West Seattle WA West Seattle Almost Home Kate Protage's urban landscapes West Seattle WA