Whats in a name?
Quite a bit in our case.

The name "Youngstown Flats" celebrates the history of the community and the immediate neighborhood. Youngstown is the historic and current name of the micro-neighborhood where the property is located, within the North Delridge neighborhood in West Seattle. Originally a small farming settlement named Humphry, the community was officially named Youngstown on July 19, 1905 in honor of our neighbor (now called NUCOR) the steel mill and the steel town in Ohio.

As homes were established in the neighborhood, families moved in and Youngstown found itself in need of a school. In 1906 the steel mill provided a room to be used as a school and 70 children attended on the first day. The brick Youngstown School just south of us on Delridge Way was built in 1917. Today the school is the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and is a vibrant community focused on the arts, youth and sustainable initiatives. We encourage you to visit, attend a showing, a class or a community gathering!