2 Bedroom Apartments

If a little more room is what you're after, check out the two-bedroom apartments at Youngstown Flats in West Seattle. These west seattle 2 bedroom apartments have near floor to ceiling windows, so you’re able to take in the entirety of the fantastic views that abound in this area. There’s also ample storage and enough space to allow for all sorts of different floor plans and set ups. The only thing left to decide is how you'll use that second bedroom. An office to make it easier to work from home? A tricked out crafting room? It's up to you!

Seattle 2 Bedroom apartments can often feel a little truncated, despite that extra bedroom. At Youngstown flats, we don’t skimp on space; most of our homes are a good 20% larger than most Seattle apartments. If you’re looking for a west seattle 2 bedroom apartment where you can stretch out, Youngstown Flats is the place for you!